Attend Analytica China from Nov 16-18

fcae4b0acc5d2bbe8a9b217d43fb386e0e7e84604a6661f602295461d051a6From Nov 16-Nov 18, JIANGSU HUIDA MEDICAL sucessfelly attend the Analytica China. In the exhibition, the dispsoable product for medical life science are populary welcomed by many clients and the quality award by our clients:

Like: transport swabs, flcoked swabs, VTM kit

Centrifuge tubes, micro tubes, sample collection tube, Cryvial tube, Eppendorft tube

Filter tips, automactic tips, PCR plates, square well plates,  8-PCR stirps with caps

Also, Huida bring goods news to all our clients for new products for COVID-19 fighting:





HUIDA will always contribute to their sincere spirit and passion for the fields medical life scienc, and bring more and more products  and will persitantly keep improving..


Post time: Nov-30-2020