The difference between watch glass and evaporation dish

The difference between watch glass and evaporation dish

There are certain differences between watch glass and evaporation dish, their shapes are different, their materials are different and their uses are also different. Through these aspects, we can distinguish between watch glass and evaporation dishes, and the method is relatively simple.

1. Different shapes:

The shape of a watch glass is part of a ball, while the shape of a evaporation dish is similar to a bowl.

2. Different materials:

Watch glass is made of glass, while evaporation dishes are made of ceramic.

3. Different uses:

watch glass are mainly used for temporary storage of drugs, while evaporation dishes are mainly used for heating, that is, to speed up the evaporation of liquid.

The difference between watch glass and evaporation dish is relatively large. The watch glass are made of glass, round in shape and slightly concave in the middle, similar to evaporation dishes. Can be used to do some evaporation of liquid, it can increase the surface area of the liquid, so as to speed up the evaporation, but can not be heated like a evaporating dish, can be used as a lid, cover on the evaporating dish or beaker, prevent dust from falling into the evaporating dish or beaker.


Post time: Jun-23-2022